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1. Aussie Wine – Reality Check

Buying Wine Online – the Great Equalizer – More choice, wherever you live

Super-Premiums, Wine Wankers & $20 Wines – A 5-minute history of fine wine

Wine Companion 2016 – Consumers are the Losers

Halliday’s 2015 scores – over the top as usual – Retailers love them

Yalumba – Light on the Hill. An enlightened family wine company

Who Makes my Wine, and Who Cares? Woolworths, Coles and the Fake Wine Label game

Huon Hooke & Bob Campbell form #RealReviews Initiative – Inflated Scores, Kickbacks & Cash for Comment

Pulling the Cork on Ethics in Wine Writing – ABC radio exposes some disturbing trends

Best Shiraz in Australia – $150 Penfolds RWT. $37 Shaw & Smith or $17 Pepperjack?

The Flawless World of  Halliday’s Wine Companion – real stories or native advertising?

2. Best Lists

What sets us apart from every other wine site in Australia

Best Wines Under $20 – our shortlists are gold dust

Great Wines Under $10? You Bet! We go where no other wine site dares to go

Aussie Wines – Stunning Value. A shortlist of our Best Finds 2016

BWU$20’s Top 40 Hit Parade

Australia’s Best Wines for $20?

Matthew Jukes 100 Best Australian Wines 2014 – Finding the Gems

3. Wine Styles

Riesling is the Victim of Bad Marketing – Why our best wines go so cheaply

Australia is Blessed with the Unpopularity of Riesling

Falling in Love with Riesling – white wine for grown-ups, on our Riesling blog

Robert Parker still seduced by overripe Reds – the bigger, the better

Coonawarra – Corrupted Forever. They stretched the boundaries

Superripe Reds & Premature Oxidation

Shiraz – Return from the Dead – from Shiraz muffins to top dog

I’m Bored with Shiraz. It’s time we moved on and grew up

Aussie Reds – so much alcohol, so little finesse

Marlborough Men and the death of Sauvignon Blanc – how they sold their soul

Oyster Bay – the envy of Aussie winemakers

4. Rough Guides to Wine

The Rough Guide to Cellaring Wine

Winestyles & Varieties, the Rough Guide

Exotic new grape varieties in Australia

Cheat Sheet for Champagne Jargon

Rough Cheat Sheet for Blind Tastings

Winestyles and Varieties – Safeguarding our benchmarks

Guides to Wine Styles and Wine Areas

Does Merlot have a Future after Sideways?

5. Buying Wine – How to avoid the traps

Why we use street prices at BWU$20 – because we’re for real

Online – The Smart Way to Buy Wine – get the best prices anywhere in Australia

Online Wine merchants – the Good, Bad & Ugly Updated

Halliday Points & Real Reviews – Brave Move by Huon Hooke and Bob Campbell

Should wine mailers use wine scores to sell wine? – They all do it but is it misleading?

Buying Wine Online – the best merchants

6. History & Mystery – From Max Schubert to Murray Tyrrell & Wolf Blass

John Vickery, Riesling’s Max Schubert, and he’s still making wine.

Wolf Blass turns 80 – Fact and Fiction

Where did Murray really get his Chardonnay from?

How Max Schubert saved Penfolds. He did so much more than create Grange

From Pearl Wine to Chateau Cardboard

Leo Buring – Sheer Genius

Unsung Heroes – Wine Men who changed the Way we Live

The 1960s – from Pearl Wine to Chateau Cardboard

Ian Hickinbotham – Restless Genius, Unsung Hero of our wine industry

Wolf Blass – Wine Wunderkind. Or was it John Glaetzer who worked the miracles?

Len Evans, Anders Ousback & Les Années de Pèlerinage

Trevor Mast – a winemaking life cut cruelly short

Trouble at Torbreck – Dave Powell has lost his company and faces bankruptcy

7. The good, bad and ugly in the wine market

Wine in Australia is a Distorted Business. Costco & ALDI looming larger

Dealing with wine companies – the BWU$20 Wall of Shame

Woolworths and Coles, Masters of Wine?

Woolworths and Coles – Masters of Wine? Part 2

Woolworth & Coles – Masters of Wine Part 3

COSTCO and ALDI crash into big box wine retail

COSTCO & ALDI – wine or toilet paper?

 8. How corporate raiders destroyed our wine industry

Lindemans – Death By a Thousand Cuts

Constellation and Accolade – Fancy Names for Barbarians

How Southcorp & Fosters trashed Australia’s greatest wine brands

How Southcorp and Fosters trashed the Rosemount brand

Seppelt and Seppeltsfield, a short history

 9. Wine judging

How we Choose and Review Wines for BWU$20

Do trophies & medals mean anything? Not when they hand out 30,000 in 2 shows

Australian Wine Shows have a bright future? Not if past performance is anything to go by

Whom can you Trust with Wine Reviews? – Reviewers’ Ratings are all over the bottle shop

Wine Writers – What are they on? I want some of it

Wine Reviews – Experts & Train Wrecks Far from Reality

When Wine Writers become Brands Further from Reality

What’s wrong with our wine show system?

Rudy K – the Biggest Wine Swindle

Wine reviews and point scoring

Price is no Guide to Wine Quality

10. Wine Areas & Wineries

Boutique Wines – A Quiet Revolution

Australia’s Top 5 Boutiques

2012 in South Australia – Vintage of the Century?

Mitchells Wines, Clare Valley – dry-grown, hand-picked, hand-made

Is Coonawarra too far gone to save from oblivion?

Terroir – has Technology triumphed over Origin & Character?

The Best of Margaret River – The Wine Wonder of the West

The Great Southern of Western Australia

11. Wine & Food & practical stuff

Wine Writing & Crime Writing

How Much Wine – Killing you Softly? How much is too much?

Great Food made dead easy – our own simple recipes

Riesling – Mismatched & Misunderstood

Alcohol on wine labels – a misleading number?

The Cholesterol Myth – more on Catalyst’s Heart of the Matter

It’s official: forget about cholesterol and LDL

The Australian Heart Foundation Promotes Junk Food

12. Penfolds, dumb marketing and rampant greed

Penfolds Grange – rich wine, poor investment

Penfolds Bin Reds and Icon release 2013 – breathtaking stuff

Penfolds Bin Reds October 2014 – Look Elsewhere for Value

Wynnsday 2014 – Gems from a great Coonawarra vintage

Kemenys Penfolds Icons Lunch 2014 – Reality Bites

Penfolds Icon & Luxury Release – May 2014

Penfolds Bin Reds Release 2014 – Quality Down, Prices Up

13. Marketing & Branding

Master Chefs – Brands for Hire when the Price is Right

Why is Penfolds so careless with Grange, its iconic brand?

Lindeman’s Marketing Masterstroke – Sunshine in a Bottle

Chateau Chunder beats Burgundy at its own game

Marlborough Men and the death of Sauvignon Blanc

14. Books, movie reviews and opinions

Why the French Hate Us

Len Evans – Not my memoirs

James Halliday, a Life in Wine

Red Obsession. Bordeaux Greed meets Chinese Affluence

Will Global warming kill Australia’s wine industry?

15. Just for Fun

What if our politicians were wines?

It’s NOT what you Eat and Drink that Kills You

In Defence of Clichés – At the end of the day, are clichés really a poisoned chalice?

AMAZING – How One Word has Poisoned an entire Language

Great Britain’s Great German Monarchy

The Mayonnaise Jar – a lesson to change your life

BWU$20 Social Pages – old wines and old mates


2014 – A Year of Miracle and Wonder – A look back at the highlights

Top 100 Wines Under $20 in 2014

Virtual Wines win World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge 2014

Grange & Hill of Grace crash out of Winestate 2013 Great Shiraz Challenge

Virtual Wines win World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge 2014

The Great Aussie Red Competition 2014

New Zealand wins 2014 International Riesling Challenge

Gourmet Traveller Wine Tasting – Bordeaux Beauties

Cabernet Shootout 2014 – Margaret River Trounces Coonawarra

The Best Red in Australia is a $35 Shaw & Smith Shiraz

Kemenys Hidden Labels Uncovered – Real Bargains

Wynnsday 2012 – Wynns gets the Penfolds treatment

Penfolds Bin Release 2012 – price hike a ‘slap in the face’

Penfolds’ £1.2 million Christmas Present – Gago gone Gaga part 2

Aussie Chardonnays have truly come of Age

Exotic new grape varieties in Australia

A Sherry Dinner to Top all Wine Dinners

Wine Reviews Archive. Older reviews.

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