BWU$20 in the news

The media have discovered  BWU$20. Here are some recent articles and interviews.

March 5, 2015:  ABC Darwin – Afternoons with Adam Steer 

Kim talked with Adam about a range of top end topics from keeping red wines in the fridge to $10 bargain wines and ordering wine online for more choice and better prices.


March 1, 2015: 3AW 693 Newstalk – Australia Overnight on the weekend with Alan Pearsall 

Alan raised some wide-ranging questions, from the old days of Ben Ean and Blue Nun to the popular wines of today, and asked about future trends in wine and the rise and fall of varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.


February 27, 2015: 2UE 954 Newstalk with Angela Catterns 

Kim answered a wide range of questions from Angela and a couple of 2UE listeners, and opened several bottles to show Angela some $20 wines that won trophies against wines costing 10 times as much.


February 3, 2015: Bmag  in Brisbane ‘

bmag is Brisbane’s number 1 print publication with a circulation exceeding 400,000, and is Brisbane’s number 1 lifestyle website. The editor of the food and wine section asked me to select some wines suitable for Valentine’s Day, under $20 of course, and pair them with typical Valentine’s day dishes. Here’s the list:

Bmag Val Day-cropped

January 22, 2015:  Chris Smith on 2GB January 22, 2015 What’s the Best Aussie Wine Under $20?  

We discuss our top 10 Aussie wines for Australia day. Hear the podcast.

January 20, 2015:  Sydney Telegraph, Taste lift-out Kim Brebach from Best Wines Under $20 reveals his tips’

707836-8845bd3c-96f7-11e4-b123-a468d5bc6e39Is there one wine rule that shouldn’’t be broken?

‘Absolutely! Refuse to drink ordinary wine. We make so much good wine in Australia, even at the $10 price point. Some of the imported wines from Italy and Spain or Chile and Argentina are good too, affordable, and different’. Read more

January 14 2015: RESCU  ‘The Top 10 White Wines Under $20′

We’ve come to the notice of some of the consumer and lifestyle media who like the idea of someone finding great wines that don’t break the budget, and helping people choose better wines. RESCU helps its readers by sharing ‘the crème de la crème in fitness, fashion, beauty, intimacy & relationships, personal finance, career & business, and more.’


Part of the more is food and wine, and that’s where Best Wines Under $20 comes in. RESCU asked us to come up with a list of the best wines under $20, and we were to happy to help out (and to sneak in a few wines of a different colour). Here’s how the piece begins:

‘There’s no better feeling than finding an outstanding new wine without breaking the bank. Kim Brebach, the $20 Wine Guy and founder of, is of the firm belief that price is no indication of quality when it comes to wine. He’s dedicated to making wine shopping less daunting for those of us who don’t know our Pinot Gris from our Pinot Noir – all while saving us some money.’

‘Kim has put together a selection of terrific whites, perfect for summer and all available for under $20. These wines are not the usual suspects, but exciting wines we’ve tracked down over the last year.’  Read more 

January 14: SHE’SAID’  ‘The Ultimate Wine Guide from Kim Brebach’

We’ve come to the attention of some of the consumer and lifestyle media who like the idea of us finding great wines that don’t break the budget, and helping people choose better wines. SHE‘SAID’ is a website with a focus on ‘health, love, living, parenting, beauty, style & celebrity gossip.’


Food & Wine play a role as well, of course, and that’s where we come in. They asked some unexpected questions that were practical but not that easy to answer. Here’s how the by piece Felicia Sapountzis begins:

‘Don’t go breaking the bank on an expensive bottle of wine you don’t know anything about. This party season, we’ve enlisted the help of Kim Brebach, the $20 Wine Guy and founder of The Best Wines Under 20, about the best reds, whites, and bubbles which all fall under a good price range.

If you don’t know your Pinot Gris from Pinot Noir, check out Kim’s ultimate guide to wine so you always have the best!’ Read more 

January 14, 2015: Homeheaven ‘Why a $20 wine is worth every penny’

Some of the consumer and lifestyle media have approached us since they like the idea of finding great wines for their readers that don’t break the budget, and helping them choose better wines. homeheaven is a website with a clear focus on good living, which leads us to food and wine.


Anna Bradley asked some pretty interesting questions, and being called a wine expert gave me more food for thought. Anna’s piece begins like this:

‘When I’m at the bottle shop searching for wine, I’ve really got no idea what to look for. I tend to always go for a brand name I know with a price tag between $20-$25 (that way I’m not breaking the bank, but don’t look like a total cheapskate!). I’ve always assumed that the more expensive the wine, the better the quality and taste – then I met Kim Brebach.

Kim is a wine expert who has tried the best wines from across the globe, and his absolute favourite Riesling costs just $21 from Dan Murphy’s. So you can understand why I just had to pick his brain…’  Read more