Great feedback: why subscribers love BWU$20

We’re chuffed that so many subscribers care enough to give us terrific feedback, and the trust they express in their emails. Here is a small taste:

I’d recommend Best Wines Under $20 to anyone who wants fair and balanced ratings. I buy wine for about a dozen families plus a company. To date I’ve not had anything thrown back at me. Your help is valued highly and considered a good bench mark.’ Peter C.

Bought some of the Hilltops Shiraz from Kemenys on your recommendation.  The subscription to BWU20 was worth it just for that.  Love your site. James

Best Wines Under $20 is just brilliant. Heading off to a wine shop armed with Kim’s list of Best Wines is fun, and the fellow who packed the wines up for me was pretty impressed with my choices. Fay Marie.

Just purchased 2 cases of the Watershed Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 for $232 shipped to my house. If it’s as good as the 2013 I just paid for my subscription and then some. Keep up the good work. Simon

‘Got the last 6 bottles of Morris Durif 2010 at Dan Murphy’s. As you said: a great dry red, and something different I never would have bought without the newsletter.’ Keith

Lock & Key… My weakness ! Just ordered a 6 pack. As for the Yealands Sauvignon Blanc, it’s still getting better. Thanks Kim for the good tips! Marc

Hi Kim, I just used your Best Buys lists to pre-order 6 months supply of wine to be shipped to me overseas. Thanks for the great resource! Becky

‘I now can take a bottle to dinner with friends who have many more years of wine experience than myself and even raise a few compliments on my selections.  Safe to say I think you can a lot of the credit for that!‘ Phil

Just been browsing the website. Weekly updates. Huge devotion. Great result. A really useful consumer service. I’m learning a lot from you. Congratulations! Warren Mason

‘Thank you so much for your excellent site and recommendations. Spot on and really appreciated by all here.’ Sandy

‘I’ve not been so entertained by wine writing since Zar Brooks penned his ‘Spittoon’ scandal sheet a decade or more ago.’ Ron

I really love your website as it is very clear, wide ranging, and you don’t hype wines. Brett

‘I enjoy your irreverent look at the wine world and what it has to offer, whilst picking up some bargains along the way.’ Adam

‘I continue  to buy and taste  on your recommendations and throughly enjoying the experience and to date, not one disappointment‘. Bill W.

‘Very happy to pay the subscription fee for what I believe is one of the best weekly wine publications on offer. Keep up the good work.Brayden

Great site! I love it and find it really useful when buying wine – you do all the leg work for me. Joan S

‘Just a quick note of thanks for your ripper website/emailer. We’ve just purchased a mixed case of wine on your recommendations (thru Kemenys this time). The saving off RRP an amazing $119. Great bargains on great wines. Thanks mate. Cheers.’ Peter

‘It’s great having somebody I trust to find me really good wines at bargain prices.’ Ian

‘Your website provides a great service to those of us who’ve never really developed their expertise. Been dipping into your site and enjoy the price/quality ratio. Lisa and I have an annual XMAS dinner for twenty of our closest friends – your site works every time.’ Clive

‘Been looking for years for a website that concentrates on the value end of the market. It’s written from the right perspective and reduces the legwork needed to find good wines’. Nick

‘You have a gift for wine description that mercifully avoids all the bullshit about the aromatic nuances of pear skins and Virginia tobacco leaf.’ Doug

‘Congratulations on your wonderful website. You save me hours by doing all the analysis, comparing and cross referencing for me”  Peter E

‘You do great work. We’ve bought many 12 packs based on your lists and every bottle has been a hit.’  Brodie

‘Since I subscribed a month or two ago, I’ve used your alerts to guide all my wine buying. Now I find myself looking forward to reading the mailer on Friday lunchtimes.’ Stuart

Love the way you cut through the labyrinth of wine hype with succinct and pithy posts that are a pleasure to read’. Jason

Really enjoying your site. It’s independent, refreshingly honest, and doesn’t take itself too seriously’. Chris B

‘bestwinesunder20, you have an awesome website, I can sense the passion!  George

‘I’m loving your work, and have forwarded it to my wino friends.’ Nigel

‘A very handy site. Well thought out and I hope it will be well used.  It’s hard to find truly independent wine advice like this.’ Scott

‘Great website! I’ve been taking your advice on wine selection, and I find your appraisals spot on’. Gary 2

‘Congratulations on a great and informative site. It’s been a wonderful help in choosing good quality, reasonably priced wines’. Alan

‘Best Wines Under $20 is now my go-to place for ideas of new things to taste.’ Peter

‘I enjoy reading the Bargain Alert every week, it also gives me leads to wines I may have missed.’  Daniel

‘What a fantastic website, and really useful lists. Thanks a lot.’  Gary

‘You are performing a FANTASTIC service. More power to your keyboard!’  Darshak

‘The big surprise, as Kim says, is there is literally no relationship between price and quality in the wine world.’ Kit

‘Keep up the fantastic website, and tell it like it is.’  Chris

Great blog! Your posts on the wine industry and the personalities are eminently readable.’ Julian

‘Didn’t know some of the wines, but I was blown away by the quality available for this kind of money.’ Carl

‘What a great site! We’re drinking much better wine, and paying much less.’ Colin

‘Thank you for your weekly newsletter –bestwinesunder20 has become an important part of my life’.  Colin 2

‘I agree with your strong criticism of our wine judging system – serious problems and little apparent willingness to change. ‘Clive

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