About our Best Lists

We list our Best Wines by Price: best under $10$15$20, and over $20 for some exceptional wines. That means you have access to more than a dozen carefully selected wines in each group, regardless of your budget.

Live links to the Best Deals

Our Best Wines lists have links to the merchants with the best deals, so you can easily order wine online from home or the office and have it delivered. Or you can take the lists to your favourite wine merchant and shop onsite. Unlike other reviewers, we don’t cause you tremendous frustration by reviewing obscure wines or wines that haven’t been released yet, regardless of how good they are.

Merchants we’ve tested

We support mostly independent wine merchants across Australia that subscribers have given us positive feedback for. We provide details for each merchant, including their shipping terms, in our post Online – The Smart Way to Buy Wine. A number of them will deliver for free across Australia on orders of a dozen or a $ value of $150 – $250. So it pays to think ahead.

Real pricing, not RRP

The prices we use is what we call ‘street price’ – the best current price for a wine bought in mixed 6 or 12 packs from merchants or wineries. At Dan M, 1st Choice and Vintage Cellars, the magic number is 6; at Kemenys and Winestar it’s 12. At MyCellars, it’s any number plus free freight for our subscribers with the promo code BWU20.

When we update the lists

Unlike other reviewers’ Best Wines lists, ours are updated periodically to keep them relevant, and our Best Buys mailer publishes the most exciting deals every week.

Our comments

We keep our comments direct and brief. If the wine has won trophies or we’ve found interesting reviews for it, we might add a quote but we try hard to avoid poetry and jargon.

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