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Question2We find you terrific wines under $20 

According to Ralph Kyte-Powell in The Age, that’s what 90% of consumers want:

‘A wine industry friend is a member of a prestigious golf club. Most of his fellow members are interested in wine and regularly quiz him about it. Do they ask about the latest Grange? The top Bordeaux? Not on your life. The most common question is, “What are the best wines available for less than $20 a bottle?”

Our Best Wine Lists include direct links to merchants with the best price:

and we update our lists every month.

We show you where the best buys are

We email subscribers with the Best Buys across Australia each Friday – with direct links to merchants.

We save you time   

With BWU$20 you don’t have to:

  • ClearanceTrawl the endless wine shop aisles for a label you know
  • Check your iPhone for what Halliday and others say about it
  • Search again if reviews are mixed or cover different years
  • Find another wine or two and go through the routine again
  • Make a rushed decision because you’re fed up and out of time.

More often than not, you end up with the wrong wine at the wrong price. At BWU$20, you don’t just get our recommendations; we share those from Halliday, Hooke and the Winefront too. We can’t taste every wine and don’t want to, so at BWU$20, you get the best of all worlds in one place.

We show you the smart way to buy wine 

The nearest bottle shop is the worst place to buy wine: it’s convenient but mostly not competitive. The smartest way to buy wine is online in a six-pack or a dozen, from the wine merchants with the best range and best prices.

We introduce you to the smartest online merchants – mostly real brick & mortar shops with online shops – and quality wineries that sell online too. It takes a touch more forethought than dropping into your local, but the savings in time and money are massive, and you get far greater choice, too. You might also find that your local is more competitive that you thought. Good to know.

We’re independent 

We’re wine lovers and drinkers like you – and we don’t sell wine. Our sweet spot is wines under $20 that are a joy to drink with food. We’re resolutely independent too; we tell it straight, we have no affiliates, we don’t spam or bug you, and we won’t share your email address with anyone.

We don’t go to wine industry lunches, dinners and launches either, so we don’t have to write nice things about our hosts’ wines. We tell you exactly what we think, without fear or favour. Read more in Pulling the Cork on Ethics in Wine Writing, and you’ll see why keeping an arm’s length is critical.

We don’t taste by the truckload

We taste a few at a a time, with and without food, and we come back to them over several days. We focus on ‘drinkability’ not clinical perfection. Ever wondered how that forgettable wine you drank recently won a gold medal? Get some straight answers in  Australian Wine Shows have a bright future?

We make wine entertaining  

We also write great stories about the people who made Australian wine what it is. Most of these stories have never been written, or certainly not the way we write them. Take a look at our Penfolds stories.

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