Who is Kim Brebach ‘The $20 Wine Guy’?

A 30 year passion

Although I made a career in sales and marketing in IT (Information Technology), my true passion has always been wine. I bought, tasted and drank some of the best European and Australian wines money could buy back in the 80s, when that didn’t mean a truckload of cash.

The wine world went silly

As the new millennium edged closer, US brain surgeons and Hong Kong property billionaires pushed fine wine prices into the stratosphere. Fine wine producers all over the world licked their collective lips and became marketers of luxury goods, creating more and more ‘super premium’ labels at vastly inflated prices. It didn’t take long for my passion to cool.

Back to wine as fun

That’s how the idea for Best Wines Under $20 (BWU$20) was born. I’ve always believed that good wine should be enjoyed and shared with friends and family anytime, not bought as an investment, put in display cabinets and never consumed. I also believe we need more straight wine talk without industry jargon, pomp, pretence or vendor bias.

The Lucky Country

Australia is blessed with exciting wines you don’t have to win Lotto to buy, but they can be hard to find among the endless rows of ordinary plonk in bottle shops. Most consumers would love to try new wines but don’t know where to start so they’ll fall back on a safe but boring choice. Sadly, they miss out on the adventure of discovering new wines. We make new discoveries safe bets, because we know where to find the gems. Just have a look at this list of $20 wines that have won major competitions.

Back to real people

I just want to show you how easy it is to drink better wine for less money than you’re paying now, without having to become a wine buff or a wine bore. I track down wines with exceptional quality to price ratios, wines that people will love drinking and sharing, crowd-pleasers that don’t cost a fortune. I do the legwork for subscribers and take the guesswork out of finding the best wines for less than $10, $15 or $20. If you don’t believe you can buy good wine for as little as $10, you’re in for a shock.

To contact us, please email info@bestwinesunder20.com.au.

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