BEST BUYS or FREE SIP – what do you get?

You have 3 choices to enjoy better wine and save money.

1. BEST BUYS $20 a year

This choice gives you BEST BUYS WEEKLY for 12 months. Each Friday by email you’ll get:

  • Upcoming wine events & news
  • Wine of the week and winery of the week – 2 great finds every week
  • 24 of the best buys this week – red, white, rosé, dessert, sparkling – with links to merchants
  • One-off specials – from retailers or vineyards
  • Evergreen specials – great buys at any time,

plus a mid week email with any Spot Specials that won’t last until Friday. You’ll easily save $500 a year on wine.



2. BEST BUYS PLUS $30 a year

This choice includes everything in BEST BUYS, PLUS access to these resources updated monthly:

  • Best Wines by Price – under $10, $15, $20 and just over $20 – with links to merchants
  • Best wines by Type – red, white, rosé, dessert, sparkling – with links to merchants
  • Wine reviews – straight-talking, in plain English with no vendor bias.

You can save even more if you choose BEST BUYS PLUS for 3 years for $75.




This choice lets you try BEST BUYS WEEKLY free for one week. Get to see why subscribers hang out for it  every Friday. Of course you can still enjoy all our free content – blog posts, resources, notes on retailers.