We send out a mailer to subscribers every Friday around noon. It was called Bargain Alert, but we changed it to Friday Fix when subscribers told us how much they looked forward to it. You’ll find an example HERE.

To get the latest Friday Fix delivered to your inbox every week, all you have to do is to join our growing community for $30 a year. Or you can try us out for 30-days for free MORE HERE.

The mailer contains

  • The week’s best whites, reds, sparkling wines and dessert wines $10 – $25
  • Our Wine and Winery of the Week
  • A Best over $25 selection to add a bit more spice and scope
  • A shortlist of ‘ever-green’ favourite bargains for quick reference
  • A small section for super sales run by reputable retailers
  • A news & views & education section.

We also post specials that pop up during the week on the Spot Specials.