How we review? No nonsense

As with most things about wine, we think reviews should be honest, direct and easily understood.

Unlike most review sites, we choose what we review, which saves you wading through endless lists of wines that are either not worth drinking or are –  but haven’t been released yet or are way beyond everyday drinking price.  

Key criteria

We select most of our samples based on:

  • Favourable reviews and scores from credible wine reviewers
  • Trophies and/or gold medals
  • Available in Australia from retailers or wineries
  • Priced between $7 and $20 (or maybe a shade over)
  • High quality to price ratio.

Only 3 ratings

Our reviews group wines into 3 simple categories: 1. BUY  2. NOT CONVINCED  3. AVOIDWhat more do you need?

We use the 100 point scoring system for consistency’s sake, as most reviewers in Australia now use it.

Access our reviews

To get an idea of what our reviews are like, take a look at a sample.

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