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If you live outside Australia’s main centres, you’ll get even more out of BWU$20.

All our Best Wines and Best Buys lists include links to merchants so you can buy online – the smartest way to buy wine, wherever you live. Buying online gives you:

  1. Choice: access exactly the same wines as everyone else, regardless of where you live
  2. Convenience: no need to travel; order from anywhere and have it delivered to your front door
  3. Independence: purchase online from major and independent retailers, and vineyards directly
  4. Savings: buy wine at the special prices we find, and get free or low cost freight
  5. Satisfaction: return any wines if you’re not happy.

morrisFree or low cost freight

Freight costs don’t have to be an issue either, even if you live in remote areas like  North Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. These merchants will give you the special prices, plus free or low cost freight:

  • MyCellars: Free for BWU$20 subscribers ($10 for others) for any quantity
  • Winestar: Free for 12 bottles to  98% of Australia
  • Winedirect: Free for 12 bottles ($7.50 for less) to anywhere  in Australia including Tasmania.

Most of the retailers we recommend ship for free if you order a dozen, or more than a certain $ value  (say $150 – $250). Virtually all have a ‘free returns if not happy policy’, which takes the risk out of buying wines you may not yet know. If you follow our recommendations, you’ll eliminate that risk, as you can see from our subscriber feedback.

MitchellsJust plan ahead

To access the best buys across Australia, you just need to plan ahead a little. If you live in the country, chances are you do that already. Even if you live in the city, the most expensive place to buy wine is at the bottle shop or supermarket on the way to dinner. You’ll be in a hurry, and you’ll certainly pay top price for the convenience.

Here’s a list of retailers we recommend and some we don’t and reasons why, which has nothing to do with kickbacks or commissions. We have no affiliates; our revenue is from subscription only.

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