Once in a while, we come across an extraordinary wine. The Silhouette Lagrein 2016 is one of those, a truly exotic and exciting red. We’ve been able to put a deal together with the team at Winedirect in Adelaide, and you can buy this great red for $175 a case (just under $15 a bottle), including freight and a subscription our Best Buys Weekly mailer.

Here’s what subscribers said about the wine:

‘Don’t know how / where you find this stuff, but the Silhouette Lagrein is worth every one of the 95 points you gave it. What a sensational example of fermented grape juice that is.’ David K.

‘On your recommendation I bought a case of the Silhouette Lagrein and was gobsmacked by its uniqueness, how different it is and how very drinkable.’ Nick F.

Here’s my review:
Silhouette Lagrein 2016 – Once in a while, you open a bottle of wine that grabs you by the throat, shakes you hard and laughs in your face. Lagrein? I had to look it up! Wine Searcher says, ‘It’s an ancient grape variety that finds its home in the sunny vineyards of Trentino-Alto Adige in north-eastern Italy. Its wines are strong and full bodied with plum and wild cherry flavours, and the variety is particularly well known for the deep, dense colour it imparts on wines.’
All of that is true, and the colour is black ink. The wine is rustic and smooth at the same time, the blue fruit is profound and spiced up with notes of tobacco, chocolate and warm gravel. Really interesting stuff, rich and ripe and complex, held together by a clean line of tannin. Give it time to breathe, and / or time in the cellar. It’s made by Salena Estate from Langhorne Creek fruit. A knockout red looking for a char-grilled steak. 95 points.

This link will take you to the wine’s web page: 12 x 2016 Sihlouette Lagrein inc 1yr subscription to BWU$20 for $175. (full retail $320 with subscription)
Once you’re there, put 12 bottles of Silhouette Lagrein 2016 in your cart and use the code FREESUB to access the special price and the free subscription.

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